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Liel Kolet is a singer/songwriter who's been performing across the world since the age of 12. 

After performing a historic duet with former US President Bill Clinton, Liel caught the world's eye with her mesmerizing voice and compelling stage presence. She has shared the stage and collaborated with legendary musicians including The Scorpions, Herbie Hancock, Andrea Bocelli, Julio Iglesias and Patti LaBelle, as well as singing for renowned world figures including the Dalai Lama and Hillary Clinton. Liel received the prestigious “German Radio Award” and the “Eagle of Peace Award”, and has performed hundreds of live shows, reaching millions of fans around the globe.

In addition to her considerable humanitarian work and stellar international performances, Liel is an up and coming vocalist on the EDM scene, working with artists including Last Heroes and PRAANA, and releasing tracks on Monstercat, Ophelia and Enhanced.

As Liel continues to firmly make her mark, her growing audience is excited to hear what comes next!

Photo Dec 18, 5 10 18 PM
Photo Dec 18, 3 06 26 PM
Photo Dec 18, 4 29 54 PM
Photo 21-02-2018, 7 31 09
LA Street shoot
LA Show 2019
LA Show 2019-2
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Liel Kolet
Liel Kolet
Liel Kolet
Liel Kolet and Andrea Bocelli
Liel Kolet Ray Of Hope
Liel Kolet Tel-Aviv Concert

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